Who are the adventures for?

Our adventures are built for large families, small families, extended families, parties, events, or other groups to enjoy together. We recommend ages 1-100 (although we won't stop you if you are older or younger). 

What is an Adventure like?

Our adventures are full of secret codes, acts of service and kindness, thwarting villains, puzzles and ciphers. Each adventure has a new story and a new mission.

How is each adventure box different?
Each adventure is a unique story with unique challenges and activities. We add a brief description to each item so you can choose the best adventure for your family or group.

How do I assemble an adventure from the digital content?
We have provided a contents list, all the digital content you will need, and links to any items the adventure will require. Need additional help? Send us an email at adventuresincognito@gmail.com