Who are the adventures for?

Our adventures are built for large families, small families, extended families, parties, events, or other groups to enjoy together. We recommend ages 1-100 (although we won't stop you if you are older or younger). 

What is an Adventure like?

Our adventures are full of secret codes, acts of service and kindness, thwarting villains, puzzles and ciphers. Each adventure has a new story and a new mission.

How is each adventure box different?

Each adventure will be a new adventure that is based on holidays or events going on that month. Each box is unique so next years' adventures will be entirely different from the year before. Adventure is out there and waiting for you!

Why should I subscribe?

1. Our premium holiday subscription adventures are only available to subscribers.  A la cart adventures

are available to anyone. 

2. There is no time frame commitment for subscribers. 

Cancel and resubscribe anytime!

What is a "Quick Quest"?

Our premium adventure subscription box has approximately 14 clues and takes around 2 hours to complete. The "Quick Quest" is around 7 clues and will take about half the time to complete.

When do I need to subscribe in order to receive my adventure for the quarter?

Each quarter you will need to subscribe by the 20th of the month before, in order to receive the adventure for the following month. For example, if you want to subscribe in time for July's box you will need to subscribe by June 20th in order to receive July's box.

When do I need to cancel my subscription in order to not be charged for the next box?

You will need to cancel your subscription

before the 1st of the month. Any subscriptions cancelled

after the 1st will be billed for the current box and be

cancelled for the following box.

Return Policy

At this time we are not accepting returns. If there is a problem with your adventure, or if you are missing any pieces please contact us either through the chat on our website or through email at adventuresincognito@gmail.com and we will be happy to fix the problem!